Frequently Asked Questions



How is the artwork created?

How long does the artwork take to be created?

Can I have multiple pets in my artwork?

Is Pop Your Pup only for dogs?

Can I 'Pop' a Human?

Will My Photo Work?

What types of photos work the best?

How will I know if my photo does not work?


How does Pop Your Pup! communicate with customers?

Why use unique order profiles instead of email communication?

Can I still email Pop Your Pup?

Will I receive updates with my order?

Viewing/Approving My Proof

Will I receive a proof of my artwork?

How do I view my artwork/proof?

How do I select a background for my artwork?

What if I don't like my artwork/proof?

What if I want a revision made to my artwork?

How long do revisions take?

Apparel Products

How we print our apparel products?

Can I feel the ink on my shirt?

How do the apparel products fit?

Are there other options besides white shirts?

How should I wash/dry my shirt?

Wall Art Products

What is the difference between Canvases and Acrylics?

Are the canvases a glossy or matte finish?

Are the canvases wrapped/stretched?


Is there billing/invoices included in the package?

What currency does Pop Your Pup! use?

Production & Shipping

When will my order be printed?

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Do you offer free shipping?

Do you ship internationally?


What is your return policy?

What is your refund policy?

How do gift cards work?

Coloration Disclaimer

Customs Disclaimer

P.O. Box/APO Disclaimer

Shipping Delivery Disclaimer

Bulk Orders

Does Pop Your Pup! Offer discounted pricing for bulk orders?